4 Different Types Of Conservatory Roofs

When you’re thinking of building a conservatory, then you have lots of decisions to make. The size, location, shape and who to build the conservatory onto your home are just some of the key decisions you have. But these aren’t the only decisions and one of the often-overlooked decisions is to do with the conservatory roof type.

There are four conservatory roof types that you can have. So, whether you’re looking to build a new conservatory or complete a conservatory roof conversion, you need to make a good choice between the conservatory roof types.

So what are the four different conservatory roof types available and what are their benefits and disadvantages?

1. Glazed Conservatory Roofs

Glazed conservatory roof

One of the most commonly used conservatory roof options available for you is a glass roof. These are typically used because they’re cost-effective and can be very aesthetically pleasing. They’re also seen as one of the most suitable for allowing lots more light into a room that can add appeal to the space.

However, there are issues with the glazed roofing options. For one, they’re not particularly great at keeping temperatures at a comfortable level within the conservatory. During really hot weather, the conservatory can get too hot and during the cold weather, the temperature can get so long that extra heating is required that can raise energy bills for conservatory owners.

Glass roofs are durable, but cleaning them can be challenging. Cleaning will need to be done regularly as wildlife and weather can leave debris and dirt on them which reduces their aesthetic appeal.

2. Polycarbonate Conservatory Roofs

polycarbonate conservatory roof

These are less common than glazed roofing options but they’re more cost-effective. Those on a tight budget might consider them. But they’re not as durable as other conservatory roof types. Your roof will need to be replaced and repaired on a much more frequent basis.

Polycarbonate roofing options are much more flexible in how they can be applied to a conservatory. Therefore, those that have a less than standard conservatory size or shape often use a polycarbonate roof.

The problem with polycarbonate roofing is they don’t always have the best aesthetic appeal. Therefore, the value they add to a property can be limiting. In addition, you might struggle with light in the conservatory as polycarbonate isn’t as transparent as glass.

You will also experience the same temperature problems as you would with a glass roof. And you will also have to clean the polycarbonate roof that can be challenging.

3. Flat Conservatory Roofs

flat conservatory roof
The Guardian Roof Lantern is a stunning option available for flat roofs.

Flat roofs aren’t often considered to be used on conservatories. However, they’re an option that can be used within certain circumstances. Flat roofs are great for people who don’t want to have large roofs protrude from their conservatory or those that have small conservatories.

Flat roofs can be built from numerous materials.

One of the disadvantages of flat roofs is that they can get a lot of debris stuck on them. This will need to be cleaned off regularly. If not installed properly too, flat roofs can collect water that can accumulate so much that it leaks into your conservatory.

4. Solid/Warm Conservatory Roofs

Guardian Warm Roof

A warm roof conservatory is one of the best options for any roof. They look very aesthetically appealing and can be customised with many different shades and styles to fit the style of your property. The warm roof is also good for making your conservatory usable throughout the year. During colder months, the heat is better retained. During the hotter months, the conservatory can stay more tolerable.

While warm roofs are more expensive, they’re known to offer substantial savings for homeowners with energy bills. And Guardian Warm Roofs are much more durable than any other roof type therefore, maintenance costs are reduced in the long term. Finally, a Guardian Warm Roofs is going to add much more value to your property than any other roof type. So if you think that you might want to sell your property in the future, this will offer you the best value for money.


There are four options when you’re looking to get a new conservatory or looking to get a conservatory roof conversion. One of the best options for you is the Guardian Warm Roof. These are more durable, look more appealing, make your conservatory more usable and add more value to your home.

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