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10 Things More Disappointing Than A Flawed Conservatory

A typical conservatory is hugely disappointing as any owner knows (there is a simple fix – we’ll come to that later).


But, there are worse things than a flawed conservatory, so here are 9 things to make you feel a bit better. Nine things worse than a flawed conservatory – we wanted 10 but got stuck.


  1. England at every major football tournament since 1966. For a while there was hope that went unfulfilled. Now just not suffering huge embarrassment, losing to the likes of Iceland, would be a start. Fans of Scotland and Wales might beg to differ.
  2. Any live special live episode of a drama. There’s a reason for all those takes, it helps us believe you are actually doctors. Perform an episode entirely live and that fourth wall comes crumbling down
  3. Standing on the bathroom scales after a heavy weekend
  4. Exam results, especially when they really matter. That brings back a few memories, and also flashbacks to anxiety dreams. Argh!
  5. Every film in the Alien franchise since Aliens. Alien 3 – muddled, Alien Resurrection – awful; the spin offs – stupid, the prequels – they managed to make boring films about aliens.
  6. The takeaway arriving with one dish missing – yours.
  7. Thinking you’ve got a lovely free afternoon, checking the calendar and realising you’ve got two children’s parties to go to – both at soft play.
  8. The second disc of any compilation CD.
  9. Listicle articles

We can’t do much about any of the nine things above, although we could probably point you in the direction of a few good albums so you never need buy a compilation CD again.

What we definitely can do though is make your conservatory into a great space. We take out the existing roof, replace it with a lightweight, solid, tiled roof and suddenly you have the best room in the house for when the sun shines.

Have a look round the site to find out more and please give us a call on 0800 0665832.